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Welcome to Reel Antique Angling, purveyors of fine antique and vintage fishing tackle and related books.

My interest in vintage fishing tackle, particularly the rod and reel, was sparked when the mechanism failed on my modern reel. I searched for a replacement, the key criteria being that it had to be well built and engineered, made from high quality materials and last the duration of my fishing life. The first reel I bought was a Hardy Altex No.2 MKV spinning reel which I used for general all purpose course fishing.You may remember it was used by Chris Yates on the television series  "A Passion for Angling" in the mid 90's. The enchantment of catching fish and the history of using such pieces of high calibre craftsmanship was so special I began replacing my full repetoir of tackle to suit the more traditional angler. 

I have a relatively small stock on offer and I hope I can offer more soon. Our emphasis lies on condition and quality and we aim to sell all of our items honestly and without embellishing the truth. Our rods are specially sourced to give you the best head start in purchasing fine quality vintage or antique fishing tackle. We accept returns should you not be completely satisfied with your purchase (see our terms and conditions).

 We are always interested in purchasing fine vintage or antique fishing tackle and related books should you wish to sell any. Please use our contact us form.

We are running regular blog updates and news concerning vintage or antique fishing tackle and discussion amongst other things. So why not become a member and join in some of the online topics and share your knowledge with the rest of our collectors, enthusiasts and fellow fisherman. If you have a general interest in vintage or antique fishing tackle I encourage you to subscribe to Classic Angling, an award winning bi-monthly magazine offering interesting articles relating to vintage and antique fishing tackle. 

I hope you enjoy our website and our products and I look forward to dealing with you soon.

Timothy Payne

Reel Antique Angling