Very Rare B James Avocet 11'3

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Very Rare B James Avocet 11'6


This is a superb example of an ultra rare, 3 piece B James Avocet. The rod has a whole cane butt, split cane middle and split cane tip section. It is an extremely rare example ,which unusually, has 2 handles to make up a combination rod of sorts. This was very common amongst other manufacturers in the late forties and early fifties as it gave the fisherman a more adaptable rod for a given situation. It would certainly have been a special order for B James and one of the only examples I have ever seen. The spare handle fits onto the middle section to make a smaller lighter rod, ideal for those tight situations where a more nimble approach is required. The rod measures 11'3" with the whole cane butt section. It has a wonderful balance in the hand and is very straight. The whole cane butt section bares an early gold label reading 'Avocet' .This scrolls diagonally across the whole cane and beneath it is the B James gold relief wrap around logo reading 'B James & Sons'. The butt ring is a Cherry agate set in nickel silver, the intermediate rings are a low cradle and the tip ring Cherry agate typical of early B James. The rod whippings have darkened over time as is often the case and some show signs of normal wear, yet it is clearly whipped in a beautiful Olive Green silk which glimmers in the sunlight. Paul cook has masterfully replaced the butt ring and done a remarkable job of blending it seamlessly to match the original silk. Other than this replacement ring the rod is in completely original condition, a truly superb example for the collector. The rod comes with the original herringbone rod bag supplied by B James during this period which has a spare section for the detachable handle. A highly collectable rod made by the best.

Very Rare B James Avocet 11'3