• Hardy's 'Koh-I-Noor'

    The 'Koh-I-Noor' was produced between 1935-72, measuring 8'9" and made from 'Palakona' a term Hardy used to describe a high quality grade pale cane. It was originally designed for tournament casting for classes not exceeding 5oz's. Hardy's modified the rod, making the action stiffer and stronger based on it's customers feedback, rendering it an ideal strong dry fly trout rod.

    The 'Koh-I-Noor' was commonly used on resevoirs, lakes, wide rivers or in windy conditions. It is extremely light in the hand, possesses wonderful handling capabilities and it would be very hard to find, even by modern day standards for a rod of this size, a rod that it could not outperform.


    In the Hardy's Anglers Guide a satisfied Hardy customer reviewed the article by saying: 'I am of the opinion that it is the finest rod your company have ever built, or will build for some time to come. Despite the fact the rod is a real fishing rod, I have been able to cast 34 yards 2 feet with it under tournament conditions. This I think, speaks for itself.'

    It would be nice to hear of other peoples experiences or opinions on this rod so please do comment.

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  • Boxed Abu Cardinal 55

    I have added a really wonderful Abu Cardinal 55 to the Abu reels section of the website. If you want to know more about this fantastic reel then read this informative article by the Pure Piscator, written in 2008. http://www.purepiscator.com/articles/john/hof_john_abu55.aspx


  • Allcocks Unventilated Roller-Back Aerial sold for £5,800

    I'll always remember when my Grandfather visited me as a child. He was a successful businessman hailing from Leeds with a penchant for the finer things in life. He would often visit, arriving it seemed in a different car each time. The car interior was always polished carefully and the windows were like mirrors reflecting pristine images. His fastidious attention to detail made you feel lucky and a sense of special occasion surrounded each stay.

    The hum of the auction room cleared as people began to prepare for the start of Lawrence's three day Antique and Collectables sale in Bletchingley, 11th December 2012.  Lot number 132 described a Farlows salmon fishing reel and leather case together with a centrepin reel, estimating the value between one and two hundred pounds.  The description led readers to believe the Lot was rather insignificant, but to Allcocks collectors it was the emergence of the silver ghost, the holy grail or a mirage as most of us will experience. Bidding started at a meagre £1,500 (tongue firmly in cheek) and steadily rose to its final hammer price of £5,800 plus commission.  One lucky bidder will sleep well tonight.

    The Farlows salmon reel took backstage as the centrepin in question was the Allcock Unventilated Roller-Back Aerial produced between 1900 and 1916 model 5101-T2. The reel was never actually catalogued by Allcocks, instead it featured inside Forrest of Kelso's, available only in 4.5" size. The Roller-Back got its name from the four brass pillars, visible from the rear aluminium plate, which were introduced to assist the angler to cope with forces inherent when playing larger fish such as Salmon and Pike. They acted as sturdy guides allowing the reel to spin freely under pressure.  Ebonite drums, rather than aluminium, were used to prevent overheating under contact with the rollers. The reel was sold with a tension regulator, six brass spokes, line guide, unventilated ebonite front flange with a nikel silver rim, see through copper caliper check mechanism, horn handles and the word 'Patent' was often embossed on the front flange as in this example.

    To most people, especially fanatical fishermen and collectors, the Allcocks Aerial exudes an understated class and beauty, instantly recognisable style, quality engineering and a simplicity which is reminiscent of childhood visits from my grandfather.

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  • A fantastic Mitchell 330 spinning reel

    For those born before the Mitchell revolution you may remember the launch of the Mitchell 330 Otomatic reel.The reel was designed with an automatic bail arm holding the line which was released when casted and was described by Mitchell Garcia as being revolutionary.

    Reel Antique Angling Mitchell 330 Otomatic

    A circa 1963 reel with Garcia Mitchell 330 on the body, it has a torpedo shaped grasp, black body and rotor and finger tripped bail arm. This reel is In excellent condition with a spare spool and a box that includes the original guarantee card, a folding cardboard advertising sign and catalog. A must have for any serious collector.

  • An Anglers Hours by H T Sheringham

    H T Sheringham was a delightfully humorous British author recounting wonderful tales from the riverbank to include; Thames dace, Welsh carp and Yorkshire trout.  His vivid recollection of failures and an incredible run of luck will keep you hooked until the end. This is one of my favourite fishing related books. What are yours?

  • New Abu reels in stock

    Welcome to Reel Antique Angling. Check back for updates to our blog with upcoming features and discussions. Have a look at our new consignment of vintage Abu reels like this rare example of the Abu Cardinal 52 below. They're in mint condition, still holding the original inspection stickers,  truly great collectors items and definitely a worthwhile investment for the future.


    Rare Abu Cardinal 52

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